The Beginning of Another Bad Idea

Here’s the bad idea.

New Girl

I had been meaning to start a new blog but time just kept it from happening. I don’t know but I always feel like everything comes at the right time, and I thought this would be the day. Somehow.

I knew that I had to do something other than blog about books or reblog random things on Tumblr. I needed another outlet. A real outlet. Somewhere I can write not just about a particular thing I love but somewhere I can write about all the things that define who I am: books and writing and arts and films and traveling and music and life in general. Somewhere I can unleash every madness and every emotion and every dream and every story stuck from inside me waiting to burst like fireworks. Somewhere I can be weird and awesome at the same time.

So this is it. This is the beginning of a series of things I hope to keep for as long as possible. Although no one reads it now, after all I made this for me. If you’re reading this, well, I might as well thank you in advance. So thank you and welcome to your worst nightmare.


Au revoir.